Download PHP Script: Backup and Restore Database

October 1st, 2009 by dr.emi

Hi guys!

This is PHP Script to backup or restore your SQL Database. It’s Free to download!

Just visit my PHPClasses Page:

Or let’s discuss about something bug or report on:

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Hello my fox! Glad to see you today!

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Irfan gallery Said:  

thanks bg dremi script nya, aku lagi belajar php ni, irfan view tu bukan software buatan ku, hehe… cuma nama aj, ngefans x hahags,,,

Gabi Said:  

It works well locally but not when you get on the server

dr.emi Said:  


have you tried it ? It work on my server :)
Just CHMOD 777 your backup folder location ^__^

Juan Said:  

Hi dremi, I was using your scripts perfect!!! but after some time my DB it is bigger and now with 13 MB it is faling. any recomendation or quick fix?
thanks in advance.


dr.emi Said:  

Thanks for using my BackUp Restore Script.
To handling big MySQL Database size, you can try this:

Maybe, I will implementad it into my backup restore script.

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